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February 21, 2024Climatewire
Wind woes threaten US climate targets — report
February 21, 2024Heat Map
Is Biden’s Climate Law Actually Working?
August 21, 2023NPR Short Wave
Fixing our failing electric grid...on a budget
July 8, 2023The Wall Street Journal
The Professor Helping Guide Billions in Climate Spending
October 19, 2022The Atlantic
Not Everyone Should Have a Say
September 28, 2022The Wall Street Journal
Without Permit Reform, Path to Clean Energy Could Face a Detour
September 20, 2022The Ezra Klein Show
The Single Best Guide to Decarbonization I’ve Heard
September 3, 2022The Wall Street Journal
Opinon: The U.S. has a new climate law. Now comes the hard part.
August 12, 2022The New York Times
A huge side benefit of the new climate bill
August 12, 2022The New York Times
Ditching Fossil Fuels
August 11, 2022How To Save A Planet
Holy Sh*t, the U.S. Just Got Serious About Climate Change!
August 11, 2022NPR Consider This
What The Climate Package Means For A Warming Planet
August 10, 2022Slate
Did Joe Manchin Burn Coal?
August 8, 2022The Cut
What to Know About the New Climate Deal
August 6, 2022The New York Times
Did Democrats Just Save Civilization?
August 3, 2022Politico
The climate bill’s final hurdles
August 2, 2022The New York Times
How the New Climate Bill Would Reduce Emissions
August 1, 2022Politico
Dems’ last industrial policy push
July 28, 2022Protocol
Joe Manchin surprises everyone
July 28, 2022The Washington Post
Senate deal could be most significant climate bill yet
July 28, 2022Axios
New life for climate legislation
July 15, 2022The New Yorker
Joe Manchin Plays the Role of Wrecker, Again
May 21, 2022The New York Times
The True Cost of the Climate Stalemate in Congress
May 14, 2022The New York Times
We Can’t Drill Our Way to Energy Security
February 23, 2022National Journal
How Dems could transform electricity bills
February 6, 2022The New York Times
A Climate Opportunity
December 23, 2021Popular Science
Even coal miners want Build Back Better to pass